Veronica Keogh
Has been with the centre for a number of years now and teaches our Beginners and Advanced Beginners (The Next Step) Computer skills.

Is our native Italian Tutor teaching Beginners/Intermediate students to learn how to speak Italian.

Kathy Alexander
Teaches specialised techniques for journal writing and the framing of a story.

Bev Thomas
Teaches essential literacy and numeracy skills in a group setting and also tutors students one on one. Bev also teaches her Healthy Eating students delicious, healthy recipes which they can easily create at home after cooking up a storm in the Community Kitchen.

Ishka Cowling
Helps children to create beautiful artworks by teaching them artistic skills which they can use for the future and also helps utilise a child's unique imagination by showing them how to show their creativity through art.

Gerda Roberts
Guides adults to enhance their artistic ability by using acrylic as their main medium. Gerda has also been connected to MCCI for several years as an art teacher.

Phil runs an art and crafts group which has mainly focused on mosaics however he enjoys all different mediums and is more than willing to guide his students with whichever project they choose for themselves.

Mel Moore
Shares her design knowledge with her students so they can perfect their sewing and fashion design starting from beginners working their way up to designers to current experts wishing to express their creativity.

Patricia Keanan
Patricia runs several self help classes at the centre such as Zen Den (Meditation) and Fit & Fab with Bev Thomas.